Horse-Riding Prices


Group horse-riding prices for lessons and treks

Group RatesAdult Young Person (age 14 - 17)Child (aged under 14)
One hour lesson€30€25€20
Scenic Trek (approx one hour).€35€30€25
Black Hill Trek (approx 2 hours).€60€55€45
Upperchurch Ride (approx 5 hours). €130€120€100
Mountain to Mountain Ride (min 7 hours).€180€160€140
All treks include an initial rider assessment in our sand arena. Prices for the Upperchurch and Mountain to Mountain Rides include lunch and refreshments. These longer rides are not suitable for young children or for unfit adults.


Private (one:one) Rates for Lessons and Treks

Private Rates (one:one treks)AdultYoung Person (aged 14 - 17)Child (under 14)
One - two hours€40 per hour€40 per hour€40 per hour
Third and subsequent hours (unless part of a holiday package)€30 per hour€30 per hour€30 per hour
Private (one:one) lessons€40 per hour€40 per hour€40 per hour