Treks and Trail Rides

At Tipperary Mountain Trekking Centre we have access to hundreds of acres of unspoiled mountain pastures, with panoramic views and fabulous wildlife. Treks through our beautiful surroundings can take in the remains of a Bronze Age settlement, an Iron Age hill fort, Celtic ring forts, a standing stone around 6,000 years old which was more recently used as a mass rock, and the romantic ruins of ancient farmsteads.

Scenic Trek
Scenic Trek

SCENIC TREK (approx one hour) This ride is suitable for beginners and younger children, as well as experienced riders.

trek 6 cropBLACK HILL TREK (approx two hours) This ride is suitable for physically fit adults and children aged from 7 years upwards.

Lily, Cecile and Clare at Kinnane's UPPERCHURCH PUB RIDE (approx five hours) This ride is suitable for physically fit adults and older children. It includes a two hour ride to the pub, a stop for a meal and drinks,  and a ride home.

The high road to Templederry
The high road to Templederry

ROAD TO RATHENURE (minimum seven hours) This ride involves a minimum of five hours in the saddle and takes in stops for meals and refreshments at the villages of Templederry and Upperchurch, with breathtakingly beautiful views of the Silvermines Mountains. Really good fun for tough riders!


The pace of treks varies from a gentle walk through the countryside for novice riders, to fast rides with exhilarating gallops and natural jumps for experienced riders.

All treks are accompanied by an experienced leader. 

When you arrive, we will assess your riding ability in our sand arena. Assessments include basic instruction in stopping, starting and turning. For more experienced riders assessments include evaluations of safety in trotting (posting), cantering and jumping.

Your trek will be tailor made to suit the needs of your party and will be based at the level of the  least experienced rider in your party. We do not mix groups.

Views are beautiful – bring your phone or a small camera with you!