Horse Owners And Adult Riders

Horse Owners And Adult Riders

Somewhere to ride your horse in the countryside:

Join us in raising funds for Hairy Henry’s Therapeutic Riding Centre on 6th and 7th April

Or book yourself a session with your horse

Brush up on your riding skills:

Book a private lesson or trek, or bring your own group

Adult Pony Camp from 7th – 10th June:

Come to stay with some likeminded individuals to learn more about our natural horsemanship horse handling techniques and horse/rider bio-dynamics, and have fun in a course of lessons and treks. Find out more here

Tailor made holidays:

Would you like a tailor-made riding holiday with or without your own horse, focusing on your riding and schooling goals? Just contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to design your perfect holiday with you, including individual lunge lessons and long rides to the pub